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Original Insurance

Why choose us?
Genuine parts
Guaranteed Genuine Parts to keep your vehicle 100% Original.
Approved Repairs
Repaired at a bodyshop that operates to vehicle manufacturer standards.
Preserved Warranty
Your car stays protected and its safety rating, warranty and resale value is maintained
Preserved warranty
Your car stays protected and its safety rating is maintained

Think all insurers are the same? Think again.

Our exclusive repair benefits guarantee what many insurers don't.

Original Insurance

Top UK insurers

Genuine vehicle manufacturer parts
Use of vehicle manufacturer approved repairers
Vehicle manufacturer trained technicians
Manufacturer warranty preserved

Source: Research of UK motor insurer policy wordings, March 2024.

Standard cover

Comprehensive cover

Courtesy car

24-hour accident recovery

Comprehensive EU cover

Child seat replacement cover

Personal accident cover

Factory-fitted sat-nav, stereo and fixed car-phone cover

Replacement lock cover

5 year repair guarantee

Medical cover

Personal possessions cover

Windscreen damage cover

A brand new vehicle if yours is written off or stolen within 12 months of its new registration date

Optional extra cover

£100,000 legal expenses

No-claim discount protection

Upgrade your courtesy car and stay mobile if your car is written-off or stolen

Lost or stolen key cover up to £1,000

Breakdown cover (provided by Allianz Global Assistance)

The offer of insurance is subject to eligibility and underwriting criteria. All cover is subject to the terms and conditions provided with the policy, the Policy Document and the Terms of Business.


Finding the insurance that's right for you...

Great value Insurance that's personal

We work harder to provide car insurance that suits your needs and your lifestyle. After all if we were all the same, the world would be a duller place.

Discover Something Original
1.2 Million
Customer policies issued in the last ten years.
UK-based Call Centres
Here for you if you make a claim, day or night, 24/7
We also work with some of the biggest car brands in the world; operating their customer insurance programmes.
We make sure you have
the cover you need!
Comprehensive cover
Courtesy car as standard
24-hour accident recovery
Cover to drive in the European Union
Child seat replacement cover
Replacement lock cover
Windscreen damage cover
Audio, Satnav and car equipment cover
Personal possessions cover
Medical cover

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